Laying Up Your Gasoline Engine

1. It is advisable to lay up the engine in the cleanest possible condition.
2. Change the oil & filters. It is recommended that oil be drained while the
engine is at its normal operating temperature; warm oil will drain more readily
and completely, carrying with it foreign matter which might otherwise cling to
the sides of the crankcase and internal parts of the engine. Fill crankcase with
recommended type of oil of appropriate grade for the anticipated outside
3. Shut off the fuel valves at the gas tank. Disconnect the line between the valve
and the fuel pump. Insert the end of the fuel line, which is still connected to the fuel pump into a six ounce can of fuel detergent and valve lubrication.
4. Start the engine and run at fast idle, approximately 1200 RPM until the fuel pump picks up all of the fuel detergent.
Note: When doing this, blower should be on and engine room well ventilated.
Be vary careful of fuel spillage.
This removes the varnish (created by old gas) and will prevent more varnish from forming in the carburetor and fuel system. While engine is running, remove flame arrester and squirt engine oil down through the carburetor. Run until the engine stalls from lack of fuel.
5. Remove spark plug and disconnect the ignition coil wire. Using an oil squirt-
can spray approximately one ounce of oil into each cylinder.
Note: Do not exceed one ounce of oil per cylinder. Rotate engine several
revolutions with the starter to distribute the oil on the cylinder walls.
Replace spark plugs and reconnection the ignition coil wire.

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