Fire Fighting

All crew members must know the location of all fire fighting equipment aboard their vessel, and the proper procedure for its use. Don not use fire extinguishers for anything but the use that the are intended for – fire fighting.

Water is the most readily available extinguisher  and can be used to fight most fires.  Use your bucket or wash down hoses whenever possible.

Fire above deck presents little difficulty if tackled promptly.

Fire below deck:  sound the alarm – if small act quickly and attack directly. CAUTION – avoid overexposure to smoke and extinguisher chemical fumes.  If fire is serious, sound continuous short whistle blasts.  Close hatches and doorways, ports, etc. and discharge Co2 extinguishers through small opening.

When all extinguishers are empty, close up tight and do not open until you are sure the fire is out.  If the vessel has steerage proceed to the nearest tie-up facility or shallow water.  If the fine is beyond control and no help is available, try to beach, anchor or scuttle before abandoning – a burning derelict is dangerous to other vessels and waterfront properties.

Be sure that all crew are accounted for.  The prime concern is life safety.

Report fires promptly regardless of size to the nearest authority.

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