Chopped Strand Matte

Fine strands for both gelcoat back up, repairs and standard reinforcement. 

The choice of reinforcement to be used is dependent upon the performance characteristics required of the finish product.  Each type of reinforcement has it own processing technique and benefit.


Due to faster wet-out and roll-out abilities it lowers labor costs.

It has excellent conformability, improved laminate clarity, with higher mechanical strengths, and a lower resin demand.


Chopped strand matte is designed for use in polyester resin systems.  Its fine strands make it ideal for many applications.  Commonly used to back up a gelcoat repair, and used in all standard laminating reinforcements.  It is available in 1 ounce to 3 ounces per square foot, anywhere from 2 inches to 50 inches.  Combined with other factors, the sizing assists with removal of air pockets and ease of roll out.


The physical properties of laminates made with matte are equivalent or better than other products.

Use:  Adaptable for nearly all hand lay-up applications.  It has a proven superior performance reputation with corrosion resistance, fiber prominence and general purpose hand layup polyester resins.  It virtually eliminates ‘glinting’ or ‘blush”.

Suitable end uses for marine applications, the private consumer and recreational transportation products.

Always dry store, keep package in corrugated cardboard cartons or hang off a rod for easy unrolling.

(Note: excerpts from Fiberglass Canada 1978)