Being Green

Our staff works year-round to ensure safety and a clean environment for our boaters.

Categories for Green Boating

* Emergencies: sinking, adrift, towing & contact numbers

* Petroleum Containment & Disposal (oil, gas, diesel, anti-freeze)

* Our metered powerwashing complies with Department of Fisheries best practices

* Boat Sewage Discharge Systems installed

* Solid Waste: (metal recycling) steel, aluminum, stainless, copper, bronze, brass

* Liquid Waste: fuels (gas & diesel),  oils, coolants, bilge water, etc.

* Organic Waste: underwater growth, sea moss, barnacles & mussels

an orca recently breeched at the entrance to our cove – between Adobe Island and Parry rocks – across the bow of the “Copper Sky”

* Recycling of old paint and cans and other  Hazardous Materials

* Storm Water Runoff

* Environmental Programs

General Rules of Marina Use

* No subcontractors without prior approval from RaceRock

* Subcontractors must have Work Compensation Board account

* You must follow Best Practices around ladders, gas dock, scaffolds and the use of equipment including power equipment

* No Wet Sanding (this is an environmental issue)

* Keep your area clean. We provide 45 gallon drums for that purpose.

* Invoices are payable in full prior to launching. Please no exceptions.

* We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard, Interact, and personal cheques with proper identification.

* Please unload your vehicle and park it outside in the area provided. (Since the yard is private property, your vehicle is not covered by ICBC).

Enter at your own risk.

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