Rick Eden

There is great ease of access whenever I go to Race Rock. The staff is friendly and helpful. It is always a pleasure to go there.

Mr. Rick Eden
Fairlaner 27’ power
“Drummer Boy”

As a regular patron of Race Rocks since 1990, I can recommend this family-run operation to assist with all your boating needs.  I have had my vessel lifted there every year and appreciate the prompt service.

Mr. A. Laird.
Discovery 42′ Sailboat
“Big Bird”

Appreciation 001

I have been recommending your yard for haul out without hesitation to fellow members of our yacht club. In fact, it was on the recommendation of a fellow member that I chose your yard in the first place.

 I would like to express my satisfaction with the amenities and services of Race Rock Yacht Services and your staff.   There were few, if any restrictions on the work I was performing on my boat during my haul out earlier this month,  your pricing is very competitive and reasonable, the extensive pressure washing is an excellent deal, and the staff was very helpful and friendly, especially Yonni (not sure of the spelling!)  who helped out by loaning some special tools and advice.

Being able to park very close-by at no cost, was also very handy, especially when lugging lots of tools and equipment back and forth.  I also very much appreciated the ability to have the boat hung in the Travel-lift sling overnight so I could paint where the support pads were, and allow the paint to properly dry overnight.

And of course, it’s a beautiful location with a million dollar view that’s quite enjoyable, whenever I had a moment to put down my tools and take a little break. My previous venue for hauling out, a certain boatyard in the False Creek area, may have been a convenient location for me, but that’s the only possible advantage they have over your facility.  Besides once my boat was back in the water, it was nice to have a decent distance to sail the boat back and enjoy the clean new bottom.

Sean S. Smith
Commodore,  Stamps Landing Yacht Club

Boat Yard Testimonial

Jennifer & Drew Davidson think Race Rock Yacht Services Ltd. is the best-kept secret for boatyards!